The Best 10 Restaurants in Guadalajara

Mejores Restaurantes de Guadalajara

The tourist attractions of Guadalajara go far beyond the beauty of its architecture, its museums, its parks, and its shopping centers and markets. Its traditions and its cultural richness are an important part of what the city has to offer. Undoubtedly one of the most remarkable cultural aspects is the rich gastronomy, which makes this city one of the culinary capitals of the country. Making a selection of the best 10 restaurants in Guadalajara is not easy task, not only because of the immensity of the gastronomic offer, but also because of the outstanding quality in very diverse culinary proposals.

This list, more than a ranking, is a collection of what we consider to be the best places to eat in the city in no particular order. The restaurants that we recommend here are international or contemporary cuisine, which merge, to a greater or lesser degree, with Mexican cuisine. If what you are looking for is traditional Mexican cuisine, we invite you to take a look at our article the Best Traditional Mexican Cuisine Restaurants in Guadalajara.

  1. Bruna
  2. Hueso
  3. Sagrantino
  4. Magno Brasserie
  5. Allium
  6. Campomar
  7. Alcalde
  8. Tikuun Comedor Local
  9. Xokol
  10. Beluga


Bruna Restaurante

Chef Oscar Garza has prepared a diverse and balanced menu, offering a variety of options from soups, pasta, seafood, steak, poultry, and even vegetarian and vegan options. The gastronomic concept is Mexican with an international element, combined with innovative preparation methods, resulting in one of the best culinary experiences in the city. The menu is frequently updated to accommodate seasonal ingredients. As for drinks, Bruna’s cellar is one of the best and most complete in Guadalajara, they also have a cocktail bar where they mix different distillates with spices, herbs, fruits, and infusions. Without a doubt, Bruna deserves to be considered one of the 10 best restaurants in Guadalajara.

Service: À la carte

Cheapest dish: FLUTES OF FRUIT OF THE SEA 2 flutes of sautéed shrimp, sole and octopus, mounted on a bed of red cabbage and fresh carrots, bathed in creamy cilantro sauce with poppy seeds. MXN$225.00

Most expensive dish: BLACK LAMB 300 gr. Lamb chops with mint and onion ash crust on Oaxacan black mole. Accompanied by wild black rice and seasonal sprouts. $495.00. TOMAHAWK 1,500 gr. / (STERLING SILVER) MXN$1,450.00

Location: Lerdo de Tejada no. 2418, Col. Lafayette Guadalajara, Jal. CP. 44150

Ubicación: Lerdo de Tejada no. 2418, Col. Lafayette Guadalajara, Jal. CP. 44150. Tel.+52 (33) 20 03 09 04 


Hueso Restaurante
Hueso Restaurant

Restaurant Hueso is the newest culinary proposal of chef Nacho Cadena in Guadalajara. After the success of La Leche restaurant in Puerto Vallarta, Cadena started the project with his friend Juan Manuel Monteón.

The experience begins the moment you enter the restaurant. Located in an old house in the Lafayette neighborhood, adapted to allow proximity between the chef and the diners and between the diners themselves. This thanks to its open kitchen and the fact that there is only one table, yes, a single wooden table for 54 people. The walls of the place are upholstered with more than 10,000 bones of different animals, and although it may sound macabre, the effect is the opposite, because the atmosphere is bright and harmonious.

As for the menu, it changes frequently, to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and according to the chef’s mood, thus escaping monotony and avoiding madness, he says. The culinary concept incorporates local ingredients and influences from Mexican, American, Spanish, French and Asian cuisines. This fusion results in dishes like Cochi chamorro, simmered in tomato and peanut sauce, and served with sautéed shrimp, pickled onions, and bean sprouts.

As for the menu, it changes frequently, to take advantage of seasonal ingredients and according to the chef’s mood, thus escaping monotony and avoiding madness, he says. The culinary concept fuses local ingredients with influences from Mexican, American, Spanish, French and Asian cuisine. This is how dishes like Cochi chamorro, braised in tomato and peanut sauce with sautéed shrimp, pickled onions and sprouts, are born.

Service: À la carte and tasting menu.

Cheapest dish: KAMPACHI CROQUETTES 15PCS. (example dish as menu changes everyday) MXN$250.00

Most expensive dish: LAMB RACK IN MOLE 5000.00 gr. ( example dish as menu changes everyday ) MXN$700.00

Location: Efraín González Luna No. 2061, Colonia Lafayette, Guadalajara, Jal. CP 44150 Tel. +52 (33) 3615 7915

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Sagrantino Restaurante Guadalajara

In its more than 10 years of existence, Sagrantino has become one of the classic Italian restaurants in Guadalajara. Created by the Pernazza family, it offers a concept that represents the evolution of Italian gastronomy, combining traditional techniques with unique and innovative proposals.

The kitchen is led by renowned chef Massimo Fongaro, born, raised and trained in Italy, who has created a balanced menu for everyone.

The menu changes every six months, and there are specials every fifteen days, and guests’ favorites are incorporated into the menu. Amongst the favorite dishes are the traditional pizza, cooked in a wood oven, delicious pasta, fine cuts on the grill, as well as fish and shellfish dishes. Also noteworthy are the innovative Italian-Mexican-inspired dishes, such as grilled octopus and aguachile Sagrantino with a delicious touch of mango and strawberries.

As for the place and the feel, they are unbeatable. The place has high ceilings and wooden elements, which create an elegant atmosphere. In addition to this, polished concrete was added to bring a modern and fresh feel to the environment. Its main dining room or terraces are the ideal place for a business meeting, a family celebration, even a marriage proposal.

Service: À la carte.

Cheapest dish: LINGUINE TREINTA. (example dish as menu changes twice a year) MXN$168.00

Most expensive dish: RIB EYE 400 gr. / (PRIME) $698.00. VACIO. MXN$916.00/Kg

Location: Diagonal Golfo de Cortés 4152, Col. Monraz, Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44670. Tel. +52 (33) 3813 1379

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Magno Brasserie

Magno Brasserie
Magno Brasserie

Magno Brasserie is the restaurant of renowned Australian chef Paul Bentley, who, after a successful career in Australia, Europe and the United States, has chosen Guadalajara to showcase his interpretation of cuisine.

This is a place for all food lovers, where you can find a variety of homemade charcuterie, pasta, hamburgers, fish dishes, duck, octopus, rabbit, lamb and beef. The essence of Magno’s cuisine is mainly French and Italian, although it also incorporates extraordinarily Mexican elements. In charge of the desserts is the pastry chef Jesús Escalera from the renowned dessert restaurant La Postreria.

One of the most popular dishes is poached asparagus with truffle polenta, poached eggs, bottarga, and parmesan cheese. Duck Magret, cut into slices and served in a smoked apple puree is another one of the signature dishes at Magno Brasserie.

Magno is located in an old property from 1925 in the American colony, with exposed brick walls and an open kitchen, which also integrates elements of wood and volcanic stone in the decoration. The result is a casual, sophisticated and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for the enjoyment of the senses.

Service: À la carte.

Cheapest dish: CORAN AGNOLOTTI. (example dish as menu changes twice a year) MXN$225.00

Most expensive dish: DUCK MAGRET. (example dish as menu changes twice a year ) MXN$920.00

CHEF’S MENU (Includes starter, pasta, entrée & dessert) $950.00. WINE PAIRING + MXN$450.00

Location: Calle José Guadalupe Zuno Hernández 2061, Col Americana, Americana, Guadalajara, Jal. C.P.44160. Tel. (33) 2001 0724

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Allium Restaurante Guadalajara

AlliuAllium’s culinary concept is based on simplicity and fresh taste, which can be achieved by working directly with artisan producers and harvesting from its own garden located on the restaurant’s roof.

Created by the award-winning chef Adolfo Galnares, who will carry out his professional internships at the well-known Akelarre restaurant in San Sebastian. Accompanying Galnares is Maria Ortega, who, with her creativity and sensitivity in the kitchen, has been an essential part of Allium’s success. Both bring their own style and talent to perfection in dishes with simple yet powerful flavours.

At Allium, the menu is updated frequently, respecting the seasonality of the products. What does not change is the chef’s mastery to transform what the season offers into true culinary works of art. Amongst the favorite dishes are the pork belly in green tomato “Romesco” sauce, the catch of the day with sikil pak and the catch of the day with Mexican curries, all a delight.

The simplicity in the kitchen extends to this place, an intimate space with sober and casual decor, where blown glass lamps and wooden elements on the walls match the solid wood furniture. The terrace is undoubtedly the most desired space within the restaurant, cool, relaxed, with beautiful planters and with a view of the hustle and bustle of the street. Without a doubt, Allium has taken a solid step towards becoming one of the top regarded culinary offers in Guadalajara.

Service: À la carte.

Cheapest dish: LAMB RAGÚ. (example dish as menu changes frequently) MXN$295.00

Most expensive dish: CRAB & SHRIMP RISOTTO. (example dish as menu changes frequently) MXN$320.00

Location: Manuel López Cotilla 1752, Col Americana, Col. Lafayette, Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44150. Tel. +52 (33) 33 3615 6401



ActualmentCampomar is currently one of the most popular seafood restaurants in Guadalajara, and that is for good reasons. With four branches in the city, it offers a casual, modern, fresh atmosphere, perfect for enjoying delicious Nayarit seafood dishes.

While you’ll find some classic dishes at any seafood restaurant, the menu also includes many original dishes that you won’t find anywhere else. Even though innovation is the key to Campomar cuisine, the most striking element is the impeccable and consistent preparation. Of course, using top-quality ingredients also helps to turn traditional family recipes, mostly inspired by Nayarit, into edible masterpieces.

Some of the unmissable dishes are Zarandeado fish and shrimp, Shrimp and Octupus Chorreada, “El Tigre” Bass Ceviche, “Tifi Tifi” octopus Tentacles, among many others. No matter how many times you visit Campomar, you will always want to come back one more time.

The service cannot be praised less than the cuisine, friendly, warm, attentive to details, anticipating the needs of the clients, excellent knowledge of the menu, in short, impeccable.

The Campomar experience is rounded off with a children’s menu, an extensive wine list, mixology, desserts, as well as generous portions and good prices.

Service: À la carte .

Cheapest dish: Ceviche Tostada MXN$41.00/ Sun-dried shrimp ceviche MXN$130

Most expensive dish: Zarandeado octupus MXN$290. Lobster (price depends on weight MXN$600-MXN$1200)


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Alcalde Restaurant
Alcalde Restaurant

This has become one of the most acclaimed restaurants in Guadalajara in recent years. In 2020, it was ranked 15th in Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants, the only restaurant in Guadalajara to receive this honor.In its proposal, everyday ingredients are used, -those often disdained by other chefs- to prepare them in unexpected ways, creating new textures and flavors.In Alcalde, simple elements such as noodles, prickly pears, nopales, purslane, pork rinds, quelites and huauzontle are treated with dignity and become key elements that differentiate this place from the rest.

In charge of Alcalde’s kitchen is chef Francisco Ruano, born and raised in downtown Guadalajara, near the Mercado Alcalde, from which the restaurant takes its name. Ruano has worked in some of the best restaurants in the world, such as Mugaritz (Basque Country), Celler de Can Roca (Girona) and Noma (Denmark). Today, his experience and virtuosity are reflected in the flawless execution of dishes and the creative integration of menus.

The place where Alcalde welcomes us to delight us with its “cocina franca” is simple and unpretentious. A few tasteful decorative elements stand out to give the ambiance a casual and welcoming vibe, where it is clear that what really matters is on the table and not on the walls.

Service: À la carte and tasting menu.




Location: Av. México 2903, Vallarta Nte. Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44690. Tel. 33 3615 7400

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Tikuun Comedor Local

Tikuun Comedor Local
Tikuun Comedor Local

In just a few years, Tikuun Comedor Local has earned a well-deserved place among the best restaurants in Guadalajara. Its proposal is a modern and imaginative Mexican cuisine, excellently executed. To do this, they take up local cuisines from different parts of Mexico and combine them with ingredients and techniques from cuisines from other regions of the world.

Un menú que rThe ever-changing menu allows Tikuun to unleash the culinary creativity of young chef Carlos Espinosa, who ensures excellence not only in the kitchen but also in the restaurant. As such, Tikuun’s service is another of its great qualities that delightfully completes the experience.

Located in an old house from the American colony, the decoration is simple but enough to create a warm, almost familiar atmosphere. For all this, Tikuun Comedor Local is definitely one of the places that you cannot miss.

Service: À la carte.

Cheapest dish: NA

PMost expensive dish: NA

Ubicación: Calle Emeterio Robles Gil 50, Col Americana. Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44160. Tel +52 33 38250117

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By far the most unassuming looking place on the list. However, the art of Xokol is not on the walls, nor in the elaborate furniture, nor in the luxury of its tableware. Xokol knows what its strength is and masterfully exploits it in its favor. That secret weapon is Creole corn, around which they create a cuisine reminiscent of what you might find in an indigenous community. However, Xokol’s cuisine is enhanced by the creativity of chefs Xrysw Ruela and Oscar Segundo, who experiment with ingredients and techniques that, although very traditional, are wisely combined in unexpected ways.

The menu is rotating, once a fortnight or sometimes once a week it is renewed. Of course, to the delight of regular customers, the Mazahua taco is always available. In addition to operating as a restaurant, Xokol is also a mill that markets its acclaimed tortillas, supplying restaurants such as Bruna, La Tequila, Nerium, Alcalde, among others.

Service: À la carte.

Cheapest dish: ND

Most expensive dish: ND

Location: C. Ignacio Herrera y Cairo 1392, Col. Santa Teresita. Guadalajara, Jal. C.P. 44600. Tel +52 33 1229 9085


Beluga Restaurant Guadalajara

Its is the new kid on the block, Beluga Restaurant, opened its doors in Zapopan in February 2021. Even though it opened during the pandemic, that hasn’t stopped it from quickly becoming one of the favorite places for food lovers.

The decor and ambience make Beluga an elegant, modern and stylish place. The large dining room has several sections, the semi-terrace, the main room and the private room, creating in each space an atmosphere suitable for the enjoyment of all the senses.

Let’s save food and drink for last and talk about service an erea Beluga excels at. The impeccable selection of staff is clear, friendly, smiling, attentive and responsive to all expectations. The training is also remarkable as all staff are very knowledgeable about each menu option and are always ready to offer advice, answer questions and cater for special requests. A service as outstanding as that of Beluga is not achieved by chance but is the result of hard work, which speaks of the intention to captivate the diner beyond the palate.

Beluga, as you can imagine, has predominantly seafood on its menu, although top-quality pasta and cuts are also available. Although the names of some dishes may seem familiar, the level of sophistication of Beluga preparations is not obtained in any other seafood restaurant in the city. The menu includes a wide selection of entrees and less extensive sections of shells, entrees and side dishes. Among the most acclaimed dishes are grilled oysters, rockefeller oysters, shaken octopus and Caribbean lobster.

Service: A la carta.

Cheapest dish: TACO GOBERNADOR $95.00

Mos expensive dish: CARIBEAN LOBSTER 1 KG, $1,950.00,

Location: Av Terranova 1121, Lomas de Providencia, 44647 Guadalajara, Jal. Tel +52 33 3835 4233

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